Sa ou fè?

My name is Bolo Michelin, and I'm a developer. If you want to, you can send me an email at hello at bolomichelin dot com or read my blog.

Sa mwen ka fè

I am partner and developer at lordalexworks inc, a shop that makes great multi-platform experiences with ♥ in Montreal.

I used to work for weXpay as lead programmer for 3 years. We developed an online payment system that allow internet users to pay in cash online.

Before that, I worked for GoldenPot as a game programmer. I wrote games in actionscript.

An lòt bagaÿ anlè mwen

I am member of "the office" at Girlz in the web, a network of professionals women.

Pastan mwen

I'm not in the office, I spend my time exploring the world. I'm a travel addict (my friends jokingly call me "the travel agent"). It's a true passion since my childhood. I already visited Spain, USA, Canada, Argentina, Germany, UK, Taiwan, Finnmark... (to be continued).